The Fun Center | Bring Your Kids for Fun-filled Joy!
The Fun Center

The Fun Center at Paige's Crossing

Columbia City, IN

The Fun Center | Bring Your Kids for Fun-filled Joy!

The Fun Center

A perfect party will definitely give you moments to remember and a get together that none of your guests are ever going to forget. Basically, the success of a party depends mainly on the arrangements made and the entertainment provided. You need to take care of your guests to make the party fun-filled and successful. Contact the fun center at Paige’s Crossing and book an event space. We will help you to make that special moment interesting for you and your loved ones!    

At our Fun center, we have an immense opportunity for both adults and kids to enjoy a splendid time. It is an amusement center not just for the kids, but it is a place where parents and children alike can spend a beautiful time and feel simply relaxed. Usually, children love to visit the places where there is fun loving games and other attractions. In this regard, the fun center at Paige’s Crossing provides an excellent  kids play place. Generally, for small kids, what makes a party fun-filled is the exciting games and the scope to win prizes. Being aware of this, we at our fun center have arranged for a lot of amusement activities. These are such as arcades of all types, fun games, hoops and fabulous prizes! 

If you are planning a birthday party during the cold days of the winter months, then we have the Winter Jumperland for you. It is an excellent place that is best suitable for birthday party venues. We have a variety of attractions out here, including inflatable slides, inflatable moonwalks, inflatable jungle maze, food, and more to ensure a wonderful party time. While your kids are engaged in kids play places, you can feel refreshed with a cup of coffee.   

Want to make your party fun-filled with inflatables and other attractions? Visit the fun center at Paige’s Crossing – an ideal place to spend wonderful moments with your loved ones.

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