The Fun Center at Paige’s Crossing | Create Family Memories
The Fun Center

The Fun Center at Paige's Crossing

Columbia City, IN

The Fun Center at Paige’s Crossing | Create Family Memories

Indeed, the fun center is a great amusement park to spend quality family time. It’s true that it is the time to collect favorable memories in your mind and cherish it lifelong. Therefore, it definitely needs to be something special. The best idea would be to visit the fun center at Paige’s Crossing. It is a superb family fun center that comes with the best family fun adventures. There are limitless amounts of fun and interesting kids fun games to be enjoyed by the entire family. So, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a lot of family fun adventures for you and your kids.  

In the fun center at Paige’s Crossing, we have various entertaining and fun loving activities that will certainly allow your family members and kids to enjoy a great fun time. 

Things to do in the Fun Center at Paige’s Crossing    

Arcade games:  There are tons of arcade games for kids and adults. You will have a wonderful opportunity to play these games and win fabulous prizes. Get 4 arcade tokens at only $1.00! And with a season pass you get a 25% discount to play all day.   

Batting cage: Batting cage can surely make a perfect addition to the fun adventure. It will provide  the feeling of playing real at a baseball game and taking a swing at a ball. Hitting hard in the batting cage will help you a lot to improve your skills and at the same time have fun competing with your family members and friends.  

Go-karts: Go-karts amusement park rides will give a blast of fun! There are different types of go-kart rides available in our Fun center. These include twister six flags, frog hopper ride and much more.   

Driving range: Mini-golf course to practice swing as long. It will add great fun adventure for the kids and family members. 

Snacks & Food: There is a food court where you and your kids can grab snacks and other attractions while playing fun adventure games. Try a hot dog or sip into the soda to calm down your snack pangs. 

The chilly months of winter are here again!   

Winter Jumperland is our best venue to organize parties in the winter months and spend a great time with your family, kids and colleagues. 

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