Season Pass Rules for The Fun Center
The Fun Center

The Fun Center at Paige's Crossing

Columbia City, IN

Season Pass Rules

When you purchase a season pass with a lump sum payment of $135 for the 2020 Season, the following rules apply. 

The cost = $135.00 for 2020 Season per family and you can use for the remainder of the 2019 Season which ends on October 14th, 2019. The Season Pass covers up to 4 members of the household. For any additional children in the household 17 or younger  – $5.00, and for any additional children in the household 18 or older – $10.00. Grandparents – for an additional $10.00 each they are added as a member for the year!

Includes: Unlimited Miniature Golf, Unlimited Go-Karts, Unlimited Rides, Unlimited Driving Range, Great Discounts on Arcade Tokens, Batting Cage Tokens, and Snack bar items!

Dates Begin/End: Begins Wednesday 4/1/2020 and ends on Thursday 10/15/2020. 

Includes: Use of the Season Pass for the remainder of 2019, which ends on Sunday October 14th, 2019. 

Times: Pass may be used during regular business hours and weather permitting. Other relevant times are listed below in rules. Please read carefully.

Rules & Information

  1. Pass must be presented at Arcade in order to receive benefits
  2. A driver’s license or other valid form of ID must be presented with pass for verification
  3. Any additional friends or family may receive all benefits for a given day for an additional $7.00 each – (limit 6 guests per year)
  4. Food items are discounted at approximately 30% off regular pricing or higher on each snack item, drinks or food.
  5. Arcade Tokens are discounted at 25% off a $1.00 purchase. Example: 4 arcade tokens = $1.00, with season pass – 4 arcade tokens = $.75 (instead of $1.00). 20 tokens = $3.75 (instead of $5.00)
  6. Batting Cage Tokens are normally $1.00. With Season Pass you receive a 50% discount. 1 Batting Cage Token equals $.50.
  7. The Winter Jumperland is included in discounts. You will receive 40% off the regular jumping rate of $7.50.
  8. Birthday Party Special Rate – Any guest of the birthday party may receive season pass benefits of the season pass holder for just $10.00 a person for that day only.
  9. Hours will be posted on our website and in areas around the park. Go-Karts and Rides are open at certain times. For example, in April, these areas would be open from 4:00pm to 8:00pm weekday evenings. In June, however, Karts and Rides will open daily at 11:00am and run until 9:30pm. Miniature Golf, Arcade, driving Range, and batting Cages will open at 10:00am daily during the summer.
  10. There are some rare times in which the park closes for private events. These times and dates will be posted on our website well in advance so you may adjust your schedule. An example of this closing to private events in 2017 was only 1 full day and 2 partial days.

We hope you love this season pass and have a great time!!!

Disclaimer: Other rules may be added or modified at the discretion of the Park Management Team.